Volunteers Make it Happen!

Volunteering to help better your community is a gratifying experience. One phase of our mission is "To bring together graduates of the Aurora Citizens' Police Academy as a source of active volunteer support to the Aurora Police Department." We have served the department and will continue to serve in a variety of activities including:

 For photos of some of these activties, please visit our Photo Gallery.

We recruit for volunteers through sign-up lists, email announcements, phone calls and our Committee/Volunteer/Project Interest Survey.


How do you get to participate in the role-playing activities?

The Aurora Police Department has regular training exercises and they rely on
Alumni Association members to make these exercises as real as possible for
more effective training. Typically, these exercises include training for
the new recruits, the SWAT Team, and the negotiations team. Other exercises
occur periodically, depending on the Department's training programs and

The opportunity to participate in these training exercises is a membership
benefit for active members of the Alumni Association with a current
Volunteer Agreement Form on record. To provide all members a chance to take
part, and for an efficient calling process, we use a rotation process to
determine the participants for each exercise.

Usually, the Department outlines their requirements for each exercise. We
then use the rotation list to call or email eligible members to advise them
of the schedule and scope of the training. Members can choose to
participate or not. The process will continue through the list until we
meet the Department's request. For subsequent exercises, the process is
repeated with priority given to members who have not yet participated in an
exercise. Members can indicate their preference not to be notified for
these exercises; their name will be removed from the rotation.

Volunteer assignments and commitments

We appreciate all efforts provided by our volunteers. The people who
organize, coordinate and act as leaders of our events could not function
without the efforts of our volunteers. As a courtesy to those folks, please
keep these points in mind:

  • If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please advise your
    contact person as soon as possible.

  • Please do not show up unannounced and expect to participate.
    Usually, the coordinator has organized the event based on a specific number
    of volunteers.

  • Please do not expect to extend your shift work assignment. The
    volunteer assignments are based on specific schedules for each volunteer.

  • Volunteer Hours Summary

    The APD wants to record and summarize all volunteer hours used in support of
    their operations and activities. These data become part of their annual

    To support that request, please record and report all of your alumni
    association activity hours to your activity leader. He/she will then
    forward this information to the Database Coordinator for summary and
    delivery to the Department. If you are operating independently, without a
    specific activity leader, please forward your hours directly to the
    Database Coordinator including date and activity information.